About Us

            We specialize in our hand battered chicken strips and catfish. From salads, to sandwiches, to plated menu items, Ski Daddy's has a wide variety of delicious , mouth-watering , HAWT  foods to choose from. One of our signature items you are sure to LOVE  is our sweet, Fried Corn On the Cob. Take a bite into this sweet & juicy corn with a crust so flakey , and cooked to a  GOLDEN CRISP. This golden dream will definitely become one of your favorites!

            Ski Daddy's was established on September 12th, 2009. We are a family-owned and operated business. Our management team has Over 25 Years Of Experience. We are dedicated to serving all of our customers needs and making them feel at home. Ski Daddy's crew staff and Management team prides itself on Great Customer Service, Cleanliness, and FRESH cook-to-order meals. We cook plates from scratch, so take a load off, sit back and watch TV or log your device onto our FREE WIFI...on US . From meals to appetizers to party trays, we can serve all needs big or small. Oh, and don't feel like getting out of your car? Pull on up to our drive thru to place your order! SO come join us for Lunch & Dinner. 

***DISCLAIMER: Please be mindful that Ski Daddy's requires that your call-in order is a miniumum of $10 (order total is $10 or exceeds that amount). We cook all orders to order, so when the deman is high and we are busy, we may not be able to take all phone orders.